whats in store for cancerian dragon for 2017

Asked by v***n | 1/13/2017 3:48:41 PM

about wealth and health

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D***e 1/14/2017 2:34:48 AM

Dragon enjoys a good fortune in 2017 except in health.

Blessed by the auspicious stars, you will have stably improved luck in wealth; whether you are a company employee or a businessman, you will have excellent performance in 2017.

Due to the existence of the inauspicious star Tiane (天厄), you will hardly maintain the stable health in 2017. You may easily have minor illness or disaster, and suffer lingered cold or fever which is seemingly not serious illness, but may cause health hazard, thus you should pay attention to it. In addition, both male and female Dragons will be prone to gastrointestinal problems in this year, so you should pay attention to personal hygiene and healthy diet, keep good sleep and dietary habits in daily life, and never be crapulent.

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