wenever i dream of nythng it get converted in to real


plz help me, my prblm is this,that whenever i dream of nythng it get in to real for e.g- i dream my bf gettng married and after few months it happened in the same way, although there were no sign, no talks of such and it was impossible for me to think even that he is gettng married to sum1 else. Thereafter there are many other cases like this for which i had no clues and thereafter happened in the same manner as i dreamed off. My question is this,once in my dream i ve seen my old frnd with whom i m geettng married,although till date i dont love him and he even dont, and he got engagged now. many a time i ve felt magnetic effect with him..like in case of soul mate. many a times happened that i could not see my and feels his presence, and after few days i came to knw that he was there. how it could b possible wen i dont love him and my eyes could not see him,but my heart felt his presence. moreover i was thinking like might b we can get married for this all things are happening to me. but now he is engaged, so i m very confuse wat was that all. wat my dream indicated me?
one thng more our likes and dislikes are also same and we ve helped each other in our relationship with respective b/f and g/f.
is he my soult mate? if yes then why he s gettng married to sum1 else?

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No, he is not your soulmate. It's just some dreams. This may be the reflection of your wish to get married if you are not married. Or indicates there will be some problem with your present boyfriend or husband.

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