This one dream from 3 years ago has been bothering me up till now.


This one dream from 3 years ago, has been bothering me till this day. The dream started with me dreaming at this very bright vast place. It was pure white everywhere that’s why it was bright to me. There was angel, I don’t remember much how she looked like but before I did. She showed me this guy with black hair, pale skin, and blue eyes. He had very broad shoulders and a sharp jawline and thin lips not too thin though, and medium sized eyebrows, and a big forehead and head. He was taller than me and I saw myself kissing him. And that other me opened it’s eyes to take a look at the guy, and he was looking at me with peireced eyes and he had this powerful aura but I wasn’t sure if it was bad but powerful aura, kind of. that’s all I can remember about that guy. The thing is that me had glasses on when I kissed him but when I was looking at myself and that guy, I had no glasses on. It felt a like a whole another dimension and I still remember how that feels, kind of. The angel said he will let me feel everything I wanted. I couldn’t understand that, and I saw Maya Durga ( a good of Hinduism) but it wasn’t actually her face, just the picture one is Hindus see usually when praying. She was trying to say something and had a worried look on her face before leaving. And then I looked at her and thought about that guy in that dream and then he dream ended and I woke up. It felt unreal of course because I didn’t believe it was real at first but Maa Dura our God for us Hindus was in it so how couldn’t I? 3 years later, I still remember and I keep having doubts about it whether the dream was real or not and the real message of this. Or am I just too invested in solving this and solving who the guy is, because ever since then, I have been searching for him. And I can’t find him even through the celebrity world. Please help me and a better understanding of this and what should I do and what all of this means? Pleas reply back quickly. Thanks

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