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i dream about my husband having an affair. i saw him with another girl they were very sweet and happy and when my partner saw me he ignored me and everytime i ask him who is she he doesn't respond :( my dream looks so real and its so painful upto now. what does that mean?

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oh and i remember last month i had this dream of me being pregnant, then suddenly saw a girl also pregnant and she told me that my husband is the father. and the baby in my womb fell off and died then saw the fetus. i cried and iam scared that my husband will choose her because iam no longer pregnant. and it feels really weird when i wake up i felt it looks real to me. my husband and me are in long distance relationship in 7 years, i have 1 month vacation every 2 years because iam working abroad and he is in our country. my dream makes me feel that he is really doing it :( can anybody tell me why iam dreaming of this things please help me thank u so much.

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