Water rabbit and earth pig compatibility concerns?


Can you tell me the concerns of a earth pig (women) and water rabbit(male) in a relationship? I have just begun a courtship with a water rabbit and found him very kind. Thank you.

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Hi Sophie,

In Chinese Zodiac, the 12 zodiac signs are divided into four compatible groups. Pig and Rabbit just in the same group. That means, pig and rabbit are the best match no matter in love or other aspects.

If you could get married, you will be a close couple that both of you are very satisfied with each other and can arouse each other's interests and sympathy. Your combination will benefit both sides and bring the other gospel. You are usually intelligent with exceptional ability, while he is tender, selfless and faithful. In love, water pigs are unusually serious. They respect their lover and pay attention to their lover's mental feelings. He likes to be depended on by you, and you always focus on him and admire his steadiness and elegance.

So, he will be very compatible with you.
I am a water pig too born Jan 1 1984 and my boyfriend is a rabbit born april 2 1987 but we always fighting and not understanding each other. Is the hope we can have a happy life together?

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