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I'm a fire rabbit and my husband is a water pig.... We are thinking of trying to start a family in the next 2 years. We were both wondering is it best to have a earth dog baby in 2018? Or earth pig baby in 2019? Which one are we most compatible with?

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Hi Chuen li,

Rabbit is best compatible with the Sheep, Dog and Pig.

Pig people is not compatible with Snake, Monkey or another Pig people.

So, you are suggested to plan to get a earth dog baby in 2018 starting from 02/16/2018 and lasting to 02/04/2019.
Hi there, just to continue with the last message.... What is the best or lucky months for me to give birth in the dog year? I'm a fire rabbit and my husband is a water pig, and what are the best animal signs ( apart from dog) that we can try for baby number 2?

Chinese lunar January, February, March, August, December of 2018 are all good months for you to give birth to the baby. The baby will be bless with good talent and luck once born in these months.

Sheep is the best animal sign for you baby. The others include Tiger, Rabbit, Dragon, and Snake. But the nearest one will be 2010 Tiger year. So, Dog will be your first choice.
What are the gregorian months equivalent to the Chinese lunar calendar?
Gregorian dates are listed in the brackets:
January (Feb. 16 - Mar. 16, 2018), February (Mar. 17 - Apr. 15, 2018), March (Apr. 16 - May 14, 2018), August (Sep. 10 - Oct. 8, 2018), December (Jan. 6 - Feb. 4, 2019)

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