Does chinese compatibility work the same way in yearly forecasts/transits?


I am a Water Goat, and it is supposed to be most compatible with the Rabbit and Pig. Therefore, will I have my best years in the Rabbit and Pig years? My sign is sextile with the year of the Rooster going on right now, and it's been meh. Not so good lately.

Does this work out this way for you guys? Do any of you want to share your experiences?

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The Chinese compatibility works the same way in yearly forecast. If your animal sign is compatible with the year's zodiac sign, the year will favorable to you in the most case. But the fortune of you also is affected by other elements such as the stars falling on you in the year. In 2017, the goat people will meet many inauspicious stars including Yangren (羊刃), Tiangou (天狗) and Diaoke (吊客), which will greatly affect you. Yangren represents the disasters of blood; under the influence of Tiangou, you will be more likely to have accidents while Diaoke will further deepen the negative energy of you Sheep in daily life. Fortunately, you will be blessed by three auspicious stars. But the power of inauspicious stars is stronger than that of the auspicious stars, thus the fortune change brought by the auspicious stars will be minimal.

In addition, 2017 is year of Fire Rooster. Your birth element water is not compatible with the year's element. So, you will find you are not smooth when doing things.

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