Fire Monkey year and Water in Annual Chart


Good day. May I please ask another question, thank you.
As a Xin Netak Day Master born in Autumn where Wood is strong and Metal is trapped or dead, the Fire Monkey year (2016) year will be extremely challenging I am told. But my annual luck pillar shows Metal and Water (Pig). Will water help me in this matter? I was told that water is good (wealth) for this year. But would it be good for me in the Annual luck pillar? Or is it ineffective? My counts of elements including those in the hidden stems are:
3 earth, 3 water, 3 wood, 3 metal, 2 fire.

My four pillars chart is:

Hour Day Month Year
Yang Metal Yin Metal Yang Fire Yin Water

Tiger Ox Dragon Rabbit
Yang Wood Yin Earth Yang Earth Yin Wood

78 68 58 48
Yang Earth Yin Earth Yang Metal Yin Metal

Monkey Rooster Dog Pig
Yang Metal Yin Metal Yang Earth Yin Water

I will be 53 this April 28 (Birthday, 28 April, 1963, Time: 04.15) Xin Metal Rabbit born in Tiger hour

Hope you can help me with my question. Greatly appreciate this, Thank you

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The elements you have are:
2 earth, 1 water, 2 wood, 2 metal, 1 fire.

It's auspicious to have earth, fire and metal for you. 2016 the Fire Monkey year,I think will be good for you.
TQ Alina.

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