Star in the middle of the palm


one of my twins have lines on her palm that clearly indicated a 5 pointed star. What does that mean?

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The star in the middle of the palm suggests that he/she is usually not lucky enough when doing things and he/she is self-willed and reckless, thus easily suffer a failure out of impulsion but he/she will remedy if he/she can correct the mistake.
Julia, this person asked for the pentagram "five pointed star meaning.
Not star in the hand meaning.
The star in hands means bad luck.
The pentagram with 5 triangles surrounded means great luck and grifted of those marked one who is blesse with this symbol!
OMG i get the same way too hahaha we can make some crazy repceis huh. Yea my husband tells me that too, but i some times forget to write them down too.

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