crosses on palm


I have many many many crosses on both my palms. I am left handed. Many verticle lines under my little fingers. Long, palm length Head and Heart lines. Long life line with a fork above wrists. Mostly I'm curious about the many crosses on my palms. I think a star under my middle fingers.

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If the cross is found on the three basic lines (Life Line, Head Line and Heart Line), it suggests obstacle and difficulty while the crosses not on the three basic lines are always auspicious signs.

Verticle lines under little fingers are money lines indicating that you could be rich and acquire a good amount of wealth in life.

Long life line with a fork above wrists means you are busy and stateless during the middle and late year. If you choose to develop your career outside, you can make some achievement.

The star under my middle fingers means you are blessed in career and will make great achievements.

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