Should I move my wedding day when it clashes with my zodiac?


Hi there,

My fiance and me is planning to get married on 9 October, 2021.
My birthday is 12/05/1992 whereas my fiance is 11/03/1991.

There's a bit of confusion cos some website says that 9 October is a lucky day to get married, and there are some that said that it is not a good day to get married. But one thing for sure, the day clashes with my chinese horoscope. Should I go with it still or should I moved it?

If we were to move it, any suggestion what date is auspicious for both of us this year?
We are aiming around the end of the year, from August-October.

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You should avoid the date that clashes with your chinese horoscope.

You can check auspicious dates here:
How about May 15?
May 15 is an auspicious date for you.
Is it okay to get married on your birth month?
It's okay. The same date with your birth date (12/05 and 11/03) should be avoided.

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