my wedding day clashes with my sign


My wedding day clashes with my sign (even the year, I am a horse and shouldn't be getting married in the year of rooster, but I am), what can I do or wear to lessen the influence, also, why horses should not get married in the year of a rooster?
Thank you

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Rooster belong to Metal and Horse belong to Fire. Fire and Metal are in a controlling cycle and they are not compatible. So, it's not good for the Horse to get married in the Rooster year. Besides, the horse people in the Rooster year usually have a fluctuate fortune in love and couldn't have a good mood to thinking about marriage. So, it's not suggested to consider marriage in the year. But if you have a stable love relationship and you both have get ready for the marriage without any problem, you still could get married in the year. What you should avoid is the disputes for preparation of the wedding.
Thank you very much. You are definitely right! Have a nice day :)

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