What does "Clash" mean?


Is March 8th, 2016 a good day to go to court for a traffic violation. I'm born year of the Sheep
I don't understand the "Clash" designation. Does that mean because I'm a sheep, it's a bad day?

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Hi kwankrazy,

Clash refers to the incompatibility of zodiac signs. The Earthly Branches for 12 Chiese zodiac signs are Rat - Zi, Ox - Chou, Tiger - Yin, Rabbit - Mao, Dragon - Chen, Snake - Si, Horse - Wu, Sheep - Wei, Monkey - Shen, Rooster - You, Dog - Xu, Pig - Hai. In Chinese zodiac, Zi and Wu, Chou and Wei, Yin and Shen, Chen and Wu, Si and Hai clashes with each other. So, in zodiac, Rat and Horse, Ox and Sheep, Tiger and Monkey, Dragon and Dog, Snake and Pig, Rabbit and Rooster clashes with each other.

March 8th is Ji Chou Day. Chou clashes with Wei according the above theory. Chou is the corresponding earthly branch for Sheep. So, the day clashes with the Sheep people. It means, the day is not good for the Sheep people to do any important things including the listed auspicious events. If you do so, it may meet many difficulties and even the result will turn to be terrible.

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