Rooster Woman - How to stop overthinking?



I am rooster woman and if I understand it well, than daydreaming/constantly thinking about unreal things are common sign for rooster (women). Could you, please be so kind and tell me how could I get rid of this? I usually overthink everything, make multiple scenarios for unreal situations and sometimes literally get lost in my imagination. The consequences are that I never catch a deadline for any project. I also can't contrate very well. Could you please advise me? Thank you.

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You need to distract your attention on other things. That means you should make your life full of things to do that you have no time to think about unreal things. Also, you need to do more sport to make you sleep well.
In your opinion, is this a constant state that I will have to deal with throughout my life? It is very difficult for me to control my mind. I will be grateful for any opinion. Thank you.

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