I had a dream on morning of my 17th birthday and I don't know where the place I was on those dreams. I was walking on a road then I turned to another road that was a road with full traffic condition and there was a long chair I sat on it. There was a woman and a child beside of me. Then that child quickly cross the road I attempted to stop him but because of vehicles I couldn't. Then I saw that child's parts are crashed and falling everywhere I think that was an accident of that crossed child. Then that woman quickly ran away from the path that I was walking earlier. At that time I was frighten I ran to the where I was walking earlier then I saw many people were blaming and shouting. I think about that accident. Finally I was walked and get to a dark room then I saw blood drops falling to my hand I looked up and saw that earlier woman had dead and bound on the roof. Then I saw stranger in front me and he was blaming with bad words to that woman. Then that dream was over and I got up. Can you please tell me what does this dream means.

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Did u caused any young woman an unwanted pregnancy .... ??? LOL
But more seriously...It could mean the choices u made that same year or before was a wrong one and cost someone dearly in their wealth or personal issues with family members ... also the traffic and crowd of loud blaming people represented the public or co workers or even friends on Facebook or other social media commenting on an issue u care about but it was too late to change it once u posted it online...were u the one they are blaming or just the young woman .... ???

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