Auspicious wedding date for two tigers for 2017


Need opinion on wedding dates for
a. wedding reception for parents, relatives and their friends, and tea ceremony (Chinese)
b. signing of registry ourselves (western)
c. wedding reception for personal friends and work associates (Western)

Both partners are born in the year of the tiger a month apart.
Receptions are to be held in home country of parents and in country of current workplace

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Hi olmetecx,

For people born in the Tiger year, the best two months for you to get married are Chinese lunar April and May (April 26, 2017 - June 23, 2017 in Gregorian calendar).

You could choose from the following auspicious dates in 2017 for wedding for your three wedding dates.

May: 3rd (Clash Monkey), 5th (Clash Dog), 7th (Clash Rat), 11th (Clash Dragon), 13th (Clash Horse), 16th (Clash Rooster), 17th (Clash Dog), 19th (Clash Rat), 20th (Clash Ox), 23rd (Clash Dragon), 28th (Clash Rooster), 31st (Clash Rat)

June: 3rd (Clash Rabbit), 4th (Clash Dragon), 10th (Clash Dog), 11th (Clash Pig), 13th (Clash Ox), 16th (Clash Dragon), 19th (Clash Sheep), 23rd (Clash Pig)
Thanks Team for your prompt response.

Please clarify as to eg Clash Zodiac animal after the date, whose Zodiac sign is that ? Not both partners since they are of the same sign, then is the animal sign that of either one of the parents of both sides ?
As long as the date doesn't clash the bride and bridegroom's zodiac sign, that's ok.

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