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We are scheduled to close on a house out of state on the 28th of March. I realized that it's an inauspicious day for moving as it also clashes with my husband's sign which is Horse. He doesn't believe in this and doesn't want to change the closing date and schedule of furniture delivery as well as some of our things. I managed to convince him that we not to sleep in the new house until the following day, 29 March which is an auspicious day for moving and relocating. I'm a Monkey, and our 2 kids are Tiger and Dragon but my husband and I will be the only ones moving this time. One of the kids is in college and one will also be leaving for college in the fall. We will be gradually moving into this home overtime but this month is the official move in. Is there a "cure" for us moving our things and closing on the house on an inauspicious day?

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Hi Vilma Packard,

You'd better follow these Fengshui tips for moving house to avoid the bad effects:

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