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What are the auspicious days (Gregorian/solar calendar please) to move in a new house this November and December 2016? And the auspicious time for each day? When you say, moving in, does it mean that the house is bare and no furniture/appliance when the actual moving in take place?If not, is there a separate list of auspicious days to bring in furniture and/or appliance? Should the moving in date the same as the house blessing or house warming? By the way, the head of the house has a monkey sign and born on november 19, 1980. Thank you very much for your help.

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Auspicious dates for moving into the new house in November and December in 2016 include:

November: 1st (Clash Snake), 8th (Clash Rat), 14th (Clash Horse), 17th (Clash Rooster), 18th (Clash Dog), 26th (Clash Horse), 29th (Clash Rooster), 30th (Clash Dog)

December: 2nd (Clash Rat), 12th (Clash Dog), 16th (Clash Tiger), 19th (Clash Snake), 21st (Clash Sheep), 24th (Clash Dog), 25th (Clash Pig), 28th (Clash Tiger), 31st (Clash Dragon)

For auspicious time in each day, it's too much to list here. You'd better check it yourself from the calendar.
You could find it in right part of the calendar.

Moving in means you move main furnitures into the house and sleep there on the day. The moving in date should be the same as the house blessing or house warming. For some small things, you could move before the moving in date.
Thank you very much.

Just some clarifications, when you say main furniture, what do you mean? If bed is a main furniture, does it mean that all beds should be moved in only on the auspicious day or is it ok for the owner's bed only to be moved on the house warming day and the other beds on previous days?
Another question regarding a new house. What is the exact meaning of "stairs at the center of the house" that should be avoided? If the start of the staircase is located at the side and then it turns left, the steps are now located at the center of the house, is it considered as "stair at the center of the house"? Or should it be that the whole staircase is located at the center to have it considered inauspicious? Should the side of the steps not in front of the main door or should the one to be avoided is only the opening of the staircase leading to the main door? What are the remedies for staircase at the center and the side of the staircase exposed to the main door if ever these are not good? Your response is very much appreciated.
All main furnitures including all the beds should be moved in on the auspicious date.

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