Male Water pig and female dog

Asked by M***k | 10/16/2016 12:53:37 PM

Hi, my zodiac is male Water pig and I have a crush with a female dog zodiac. Do u think we can be compatible since she is still young at 22yrs old and I'm at 32 now. Thank you

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F***a 10/17/2016 4:19:18 AM

Hi Mark,

In aspect of your zodiac signs, there is no big problem as the male pig can be compatible with the female dog in love. If you could be together and married, both of you will be loyal and restrained in your marriage life. You are good at seeking a common ground while reserving differences to deal with all kinds of conflicts well. The male pig is gentle, passionate and easily be controlled by affection, while the female dog has complete faith in the male pig.

But as you have ten years gap of age, you may have different interests and life style. These may mainly block you from being together. so, if you want to make her love you, you should be a man of high ability to earn money and learn her life more in order to have more common words with her.

M***k 10/17/2016 4:16:17 PM

Hi Fiona! Thanks for your advice. Does this mean I should walk away from dating her n looking for a mature woman? Cos we are friend, we shared a lot of common interests. Thanks

F***a 10/18/2016 3:54:06 AM

Hi Mark,

You should consider the age problem seriously. Most of lovers who have a lage age gap have many problems in life especially after they get married. If you could look for a mature woman, that's much better.

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