I am a Male Fire Monkey - compatibility with Water Pig Female?


I was born in 1956 and have recently been contacted by a nice looking lady who is a Water Pig Chinese sign. She is also a Gemini and I am a Piscean. Are we compatible and will it work?
The air water combination bothers me a bit I must be honest! But she is a very nice lady! Please help asap!

She is French.

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Hi Pathway,

To be frank, no matter in terms of Chinese Zodiac, western zodiac or birth element, you are not compatible. Monkey and Pig, Gemini and Piscean have very different personalities. You usually come together due to strong curiosity at first or attracted by the other's charm. But in the long run, you are hard to walk into the other's world. If you fall in love, you need to change yourself greatly.

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