Female water Rooster 1993 & male water pig 1983

Asked by Tssa | 5/29/2017 8:33:31 AM
Hello, this year has been very tough on mines & my boyfriend relationship of 4 years. I don't know if me & him are going to work out should I keep waiting for things to change or move on?
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Answered by natali | 5/30/2017 4:01:05 AM
Hi Tssa,

In fact, Pig and Rooster are compatible. You may find 2017 is a tough year for you because it's your zodiac year. You encounter Tai Sui who is the legendary God in charge of people's fortune this year. You may find you are always in a bad mood and it's difficult to make a breakthrough in love relationship. The most important thing you should do in this year is to stabilize the relationship with your lover. That is to say, you should face all possible troubles in the year correctly and never have your relationship affected because of some trifles. Things will become better in the next year.

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