How to protect the side of the house


Our house is a corner house. It mainly faces East and has a gate on the north with no other house on its left side. We have mostly lived in houses where there were no house on the left or right side of our house.

due to which I've faced issues in finding support in my career and have faced issues in having a smooth communication with my colleagues. I always wondered what is exactly wrong ?! Apparently its what you've mentioned in your article here

Although you haven't mentioned the cure. How should we correct this defect in the Feng Shui in the sides of the house?

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There is no good way to solve this. The best way is to move a house or build more house beside your main house.

Also, you can adjust the color inside of the room. The color red, yellow should be mostly used to decorate your house.In daily life, you'd better invite friends or family members to your house to gather which could increase the Yang Qi in your house. More furnitures should be placed in the room than few furniture.

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