The directions of rooms in my house



Im a female born in France on Nov 15, 1979.
I read that the following rooms are not at the right spots in my house. How to fix it?
We can see the side of the stairs right in front of the entrance door, the stairs are right in the middle of the house.
My bedroom is South West, my bathroom North East, my son's room North West, the kitchen North East open to the living space South East, the entrance door is East, there is an equally big entrance (that we use as much to enter the house at the South), both entrances to the house corner the living space. We dine on the covered terrace which is located at the East side of the house.
I always felt bad Feng Shui in my house. I just went through an ugly breakup with my ex that made my whole family suffer. We tried to break up for 4 years... I think this one is definitive. I cannot fix the former relationship, but to feel happier in my house, I wish to fix the Feng Shui....
Thanks a million in advance for your pieces of advice.

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Hi astrid,

Here are some cures for your house.

Place big plant beside the stair.

Hung 12 Chinese knot on the main door.

Place five-emperor coins under the carpet of the main door.

Not sure if your house have door facing door problem.

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