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Dear, Sir

Can i ask you about bedroom Feng Shui? my bedroom door face in front of toilet door and my bedroom next to stairway also, what is the problem with my Feng Shui ? how to adjust my Feng Shui without remove the door? thanks for explain me.

best regards,

Kimsan Hok

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Hi Kimsan Hok,

Bedroom door face in front of toilet door is bad Feng Shui. The people living in the bedroom is easy to get ill and have a poor mental state. Also, the humidity of the toilet will make you easy to suffer rheumatoid arthritis. For remedies, you can usually close the two doors. Have a beautiful door curtain is also effective. You can also place a five-emperor coins under the two doors as a cure. If there is a great space between the two doors, you can place a plant in water or place a screen between the doors.

Bedroom next to stairway is also bad Feng Shui. It's easy to suffer loss in finance and bad to health. Better have a door curtain for bedroom door.

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