fire ox and metal dragon


I am a fire ox male, born in 1997 .. my gf is a metal dragon, born in 2000. Our Gregory an astrological atlas's are quite confusing. My sun's in Leo; her's in Gemini. My moon, AS and MS are - Leo, Aries and Capricorn. Her's are - Aquarius, Libra and Cancer. How much compatible are we??

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Ox and Dragon are not compatible in Chinese Zodiac.

There will be many quarrels and conflicts between you because of your distinct personalities and stubbornness. You should always try to look at each other with complimentary glances. The male ox is calm, cautious, indifferent to fame and wealth, and he hopes to have a beautiful and self-contained wife. The female dragon is outgoing, impulsive, enthusiastic and active, and she needs a colorful life and energetic friends.

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