Will combination of Rabbit and Dog Hurt me?


Good day. May I please have some assistance in this matter. Thank you.
I am Xin Metal Day Master. Born in Spring (Chen) when Wood is strong and Metal is either dead or trapped (reading from Earthly Branch Month section). Wood is also my wealth element. But since Wood is too strong, I can't control my wealth element as Metal is too weak, I think.
In my Chart, the element counts including the Hidden Stems are - 3 earth, 3 water, 3 wood, 3 water and 2 fire.
From the indication of my annual luck pillars chart, I am now going through the last five years of Winter (Hai). Autumn is next, where Metal is strongest. It starts with Xu.
In this new starting season of Autumn, the Mao (Wood) in my Year Earthly Branch combines with Xu to produce Fire.
My questions are: Will this new element of fire affect and cut out the wood or wealth element? Or since fire is lacking in my chart, will the wood in mao feed fire and make it brighter for my chart so that I have more Influence since Fire means influence for the Metal Day person? Will the combination take place or fail to take place in this situation? Since the season will change from Winter to Autumn, will Metal now be strong enough to control wood, and thus can also control fire to strengthen my Influence? Or will the fire further weaken metal?
The Chen in my Earthly Branch Month will also clash with the Xu in my annual pillar. How will this affect me?

I hope that you can assist me here.

My four pillars chart is as follows

Yang Metal Yin Metal Yang Fire Yin Water

Tiger Ox Dragon Rabbit
Yang Wood Yin Earth Yang Earth Yin Wood

Thank you so much for your assistance

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Could you let me know your date of birth and the definite time of birth?
Hi there, thanks for responding. Here are my particulars.

April 28, 1963. Time 4.15 am.
Rabbit and Dog are the best matches in Chinese zodiac. Don't worry about this.
TQ Molly.

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