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My fiancee and I are looking for wedding dates in the Fall of 2016, and are interested in 9/25/2016 and 10/2/2016. My birth date is 6/30/1985 and her birth date is 9/24/1986. Is 9/25/2016 or 10/2/2016 considered auspicious wedding dates for us, or are there any clashes (for example Direction)? Thanks!

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Hi, your Chinese zodiac sign is Ox and your fiancee is Tiger. Both of your lucky directions are east, southeast, and south.

9/25/2016 (Clash Dragon, direction North), and 10/2/2016 (Clash Pig, direction East) are both auspicious wedding days for you two. You can select any of the two you like.
Both the two you mentioned are OK. You'd better check out your parents' zodiac sign and choose one also auspicious to them.

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