Wedding in 2020 - 3 dates??


Hello there,

We are looking at having different dates for 1) registration 2) private wedding ceremony (for close friends and relatives) and 3) big wedding ceremony (to please parents). Finding auspicious dates for all 3 will understandably, be difficult but I also read that the registration date does not matter as much as the actual wedding ceremony? So might look at 2019 for registration but 2020 for actual wedding as that seems to be a good year for weddings.

What dates are auspicious for
Male: 13/07/1982
Female: 12/06/1986

please and would you need the time of birth as well?

Thank you so much for your help

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Hi Diana Song,

Could you let me know which months would you like for registration, private wedding ceremony and big wedding ceremony? I will help you check the auspicious dates in the months you prefer.

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