female water rabbit (1963) + male earth monkey (1968)


is this a good match for marriage or long term partnership?
the monkey seems to take rabbit for granted when things are smooth
rabbit would like more emotional depth
very different world views, similar values, incredible attraction

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You can be a cooperative and harmonious couple finally although you may often reach the same goal by different routes. You have totally different family background and different views, but both of you can face the truth, cherish and understand each other, and look for a proper way to solve the problems between you with a positive attitude. The male monkey is wise, practical and active, and strives for a brilliant career through unremitting fighting. The female rabbit is gentle, cultivated, charming and good at making others follow her mind. The male monkey wants to be in the spotlight, while the female rabbit yearns for an easy life. You can be a good match in marriage.
thank you very much! this sounds very true, but i have concern about the monkey comment that they will treat a girlfriend very nicely but not after marrying her.

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