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I'm a female Rabbit from 1988 and my fiancé is a male Tiger from 1986.
Due to financial reasons we cannot get married this year and are looking for an auspicious date next year in 2018. Maybe in May?
May I please have you opinion and the best auspicious date for our signs?
Many thanks!

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Hi Lucia,

In Chinese Lunar Calendar, 1988 is a year of Dragon so I guess you are not a Rabbit but a Dragon? Or, you may offer the detailed DOB, so I can convert and make sure your specific animal sign.

Auspicious dates for wedding during May include:
6th Sun. (Clash Dragon), 8th (Clash Horse), 11th (Clash Rooster), 12th Sat. (Clash Dog), 14th (Clash Rat), 15th (Clash Ox), 18th (Clash Dragon), 23th (Clash Rooster), 26th Sat. (Clash Rat), 28th (Clash Tiger), 29th (Clash Rabbit), 30th (Clash Dragon)

You can choose any of the dates that doesn't clash your signs. If you want more dates in other months, you can check here:
Thank you for the prompt response.
I was born in January 1988, which makes me a Rabbit. If I'm not mistaken.
Yes, you are right. You can choose any of the dates above that doesn't clash your signs.

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