Shooing a calmly approaching tiger


How do you interpret the following dream:
A tiger is calmly walking towards me. Out of fear, I got a stick and shooed it but it just avoided the stick and persistently approached me. It found its way and reached me. It turned out to be friendly and I found myself cuddling it while it playfully enjoyed my cuddles.

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Hi jscue,

Tiger is difficulty in dream. Dreaming of you shoot the tiger usually means you are trying your effort to overcome difficulties and may get success in career. As it avoided and finally become friendly to you, it indicates you could use your practical action to prove your ability and may get a promotion in work.
Ditto...Also look for people with Tiger signs in either their year or day stems in their eight character astrology to make this happen unless of course they came to u without u asking them as in your dream ...

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