where should condominium face best if I decide to buy one?

Asked by Josephine Alcantara | 7/17/2017 12:44:09 AM
Hi, we are planning to buy a condominium in Manila (Sta. Cruz) for the kids as preparation for their university schooling. There are two units that we are looking at. One is facing east (higher floor) and the other facing west (10th floor). We are inclined to get the one facing west as it is lower grounds, however, I was advised to check with you. I was born March 19, 1966.
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Answered by Ben | 7/17/2017 2:33:39 AM
Hi Josephine Alcantara,

West is one of your lucky directions. East is in auspicious to you. You are advised to buy the one facing west.

Answered by Jojie | 7/17/2017 12:18:06 PM
Thanks. If i get the one facing west... the door will be facing east. Is this ok?

Answered by Ben | 7/18/2017 3:45:22 AM
Your door had better face west.

Answered by Jojie | 7/18/2017 7:14:56 AM
I am quite confused. The developer said the unit is facing west because afternoon sun shines on it. If this is the case, the door will be facing east.

So how do I know the "real" facing direction?

Answered by David Li | 7/19/2017 11:36:56 PM
Hi Jojie,

For higher floor building. it's your main room such as the living room or main bedroom should face your lucky direction which is west.

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