we are dogs in1983 and my daugther is horse in 2015


today I go to buy a pairof kylin for luky in 2017.can I place in my bed room?if can not where can I place in my house?what face direction

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Hi Pen vanna,

If you place it in the bedroom, it means you want it bring you good luck to get pregnant with another baby.

If you want it to help you ward off the evil spirit, you should place it at your front door.The head of kylin should face out.

By placing it in your study room, on the desk with their head facing the door and tail towards yourself could help you increase wealth luck.
what somthing can place in bed room to be luck wealth and health in 2017_2018?how to place in the bed room?
You can place a bronze horse in the northeast direction of your bedroom for wealth and vase for health.
Where can I place money tree?
You should place it at the wealth direction of your living room.

The wealth direction is located at the oblique 45℃ position facing the living room as soon as you enter into the door.

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