When is the good year to jave baby?


My DOB 9/9/84 wood rate and my husband is 15/11/83 water pig, is 2017 a good year to have a baby or what year would be good for us?

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Hello Lyn,

Rooster is the second unfavorable zodiac sign next to the Sheep when comes to the zodiac sign the Chinese people like to choose for their baby.

Your sign - Rat is not compatible with the Rooster. Also, 2017 is year of the Fire Rooster. Fire couldn't be compatible with the water which is your element.

You'd better plan to get pregnant in 2017 and the baby born in 2018 (02/16/2018-02/04/2019)which is year of the dog.
Thanks. Such a good advice. I would take note.

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