When is it a good year for us to have a baby?


My DOB 6/9/86 fire tiger and my husband is 6/20/84 wood rat, is 2016 a good year to have a baby or what year would be good for us?

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Hi Jen,

2016 is year of Monkey, according to Chinese compatibility chart, the Tiger is not compatible with Monkey, so your signs will clash if you plan to have a baby with Monkey sign.

2017 is year of Rooster, the Rat is not compatible with Rooster. So, your husband's sign clash with it.

2018 (02/16/2018-02/04/2019) is year of Dog. Dog can be compatible with you both. Also 2016 is the Earth Dog year, Fire and Earth are in a Generating Cycle based on the Chinese Five Elements theory (Fire creates Earth). As your elements are fire and earth, you can get along well with each other. So, you can plan to have a baby from May of 2017 to ensure your baby is under the Dog sign.
I didn't get the last part, 2016 is fire monkey or earth dog year?
Was 2015 year of the goat a good year for us to have baby? I ask because I had a miscarriage and still feel remorse about it.... And my husband wants another baby, I know you said 2016 year of the monkey isn't compatible with me but I do have a daughter that is a monkey 11/13/2004.., will another monkey be compatible with my daughter and husband? I would like to wait for 2018, so it will get along with all of us but I don't know we can't wait 2 years..... :(
Will fire monkey and fire tiger be ok under the same roof?
Sorry, 2016 is the Earth Dog year should be 2018 is the Earth Dog year
Goat is not compatible with rat.

Monkey is the best match to Rat and can be compatible with another monkey. So, there will be no problem to your husband and your daughter.

In general, fire monkey and fire tiger couldn't get along with each other peacefully. But the rule is not fit everyone. You can only take it as a reference.
hi, im planning to have baby in year of rooster 2017. Does that compatible with my family , mother year dog , father year monkey and 1 son rabbit year.Tq
Hi QieSky,

Dog and Rabbit are both not compatible with the Rooster.
When is it beat year to have a baby? I a year of monkey, husband is year of ox
Hi I'm year of a dog and my husband is a horse. My first son is a ox and my second son us a dragon. Is 2017 a good year to have another baby?
Hi atwist,

Your baby is good to be born in 2016 year of the Monkey or 2017 year of the Rooster.
Hi Ejjmdao,

If you plan to get a baby born in the Rooster year, there may be some incompatibility between the baby and you as Dog and Rooster are not compatible.

The baby born in the Dog year could be compatible with all the members of your family. You are advised to get pregnant in the second half of 2017 to make the baby born in 2018 year of the Dog (02/16/2018-02/04/2019).
I'm planning to have a kid in 2018.
My hubby is 2 jan 1983, and I'm 30 jan 1989.
2018 a good year for us?
Hi Mom2be,

It's ok to have a baby born in 2018 the year of Dog for you.

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