Tiger Mother and Monkey


I was born in year of tiger and my husband is dog year. I just got married in 23-24 April 2015.We are thinking of having a baby. My question and my very concern is: it is good or bad if I have baby born in year of Monkey? Because Next year 2016 is year of Monkey. And I heard that Tiger is not good with money.

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Tiger and Dog are best matches. Tiger is not compatible with the Monkey. But not all people fit the zodiac compatibility theory.

If you have plan to give birth to a baby with monkey sign, that's no problem. If you believe the custom and want to choose a good zodiac for your baby, 2017 which is year of the Rooster will not good for you too as Rooster couldn't be compatible with Dog. So, you can only wait to the year of 2018 which will be the DOG year and the baby will compatible with you two.

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