Water Ox and Fire Horse Relationship



I am a female water oxen born in Sep 1973 and he is a male fire horse born in Aug 1966. We just started our relationship. What does 2017 holds for us? Are we a good or safe match?

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Hi Pep,

Ox and Horse harm each other in Chinese Astrology. It's said Ox and Horse couldn't go smoothly when stay together. You usually have distinct personalities, lacking common interests and consistent style of living. The male horse is frivolous, changeable and impulsive, so it's hard for him to be passionate with the old-fashioned and stiff female Ox. While the female Ox is calm, impersonal, well-behaved and intellectual. She can't either do anything to adjust the male horse's mood, or adapt herself to the male horse's vagaries. If you could change yourself, you can live harmoniously.

There is also a problem with your birth element as Water and Fire are nor compatible.

Ox and Horse enjoy very good fortune in 2017. You both could spend the year smoothly.

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