Water ox (1973) and Metal Horse (1990)


Hi I am an scorpio ox, and I am deeply attracted to Pisces Horse woman. I am happily married, and she is engaged with other man, still i want her to be girlfriend, do our paths meet?

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Ox and Horse harm each other in Chinese Zodiac. You are not compatible and can't be an ideal match.

It's hard for you to cooperate harmoniously and to understand each other. The female horse, an innate optimist, strives for freedom. The male ox is accustomed to be cautious and attentive on everything, and hopes to build a warm family through tireless efforts. He can't often understand the female horse's constant change. The female horse also pays less attention to caring about the male ox, and is always thinking of her own idle pleasures.
hi!am Aug 7 1973
1.)anu ang araw na masuwerte ko mag tranfer para mag open na business Facial.
2.)im single Mother makakapag asawa pa ba ako?
3.) makaka pag abroad pa b ko?
Good to find an expert who knows what he's takling about!

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