Chinese zodiac & Feng Shui get some things totally wrong.


I'm an Ox, but Chinese astrology is wrong about my family's animals. My sister is a Rooster, and we don't get along at all. My mother was a Horse, but we got along very well.

And my year is Water Ox, but according to one book, my kua combined with Ox makes me Yin Fire and Yin Earth. Of the 3 descriptions, I feel Yin Fire describes me best. Could this be why my relationships are atypical?

Finally, Feng Shui is confusing. If I try to combine the bagua with stars, I feel like I'll end up having a bunch of junk all over my little apartment: chimes & crystals & just a big mess. And recommendations like having a horse statue clash with being an Ox. How does any of this make sense lol? Thanks! 🙂

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You do know that you have more than one zodiac sign, right?

Try looking at your hourly and monthly signs. In fact, that's one main flaw about many Chinese Zodiac Compatibility websites. They only focus on the yearly signs. Despite the fact that... well, ironically enough, your yearly sign plays the least significant role in your personality and compatibility with others, and created a HUGE misconception that your yearly sign is the only sign you have. Explaining why some (and maybe you) find it hard to relate to their own zodiac signs and question why they get along with signs that they really shouldn't. Heck, even I went through something like that before. Not relating to my zodiac sign at all, and finding myself getting along with people who I really shouldn't. I know how it feels.

So try looking up you and your family's own monthly and hourly signs. Not just their yearly signs.

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