Fire Ox and Water Monkey


My boyfriend is a fire ox while i am a water monkey. How compatible are we together?

Thank you.

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You are fairly compatible with each other in terms of your signs. However, you are not compatible when the birth elements are taken into consideration.

You have common eagerness for a successful career and wealth accumulating, but you don't have a consistent way to achieve it. Your opinions always differ, and you can't convince the other. The male ox is realistic, simple and cautious, and the female monkey is intelligent and good at communication, forward and even somewhat bohemian. The female monkey often doesn't respect the male ox's decision, and even scoffs at his hard-earned achievement sometimes, which makes the male ox irritated and quick-tempered.
What about a male water monkey and female fire ox?
Hi Keros,

It's hard for a male water monkey and a female fire ox to get along well if they don't understand each other. Both of them are excellent, stubborn and self-centered, so they often are unwilling to make concession to each other. The male monkey is outgoing and confident, having good talent of performances. The female ox is tender, reserved, realistic and cool-headed, which is considered as being passionless and dull by the male monkey.

Water and fire are incompatible and they are in the controlling cycle. So, in this aspect, they are not so compatible.
So true. Honesty and everything receingzod.

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