Metal horse 07/08/1990 Fire Rat 25/11/1996 compatibility


Metal horse 07/08/1990 Fire Rat 25/11/1996 compatibility. We've been together for sometime now, are we meant to be together?

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In Chinese Zodiac, every six animals conflict each other. So, there are six conflicting groups. The two in the same group had better avoid getting married. Or there will be many different opinions, disagreements, quarrels or unhappiness after marriage. Rat and Horse are in one of these groups. So, you are not fit each other in the long run. In addition, Fire and Metal are in the controlling group. Fire melts Metal, so your birth elements are not compatible.

This is the most case. It's not fit every one. If you could pay more on communication, care and tolerance, you still could be a good couple in the future.

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