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Hey! So yesterday night my health was not good.i am suffering from cold and body ache with mild fever. I woke at 6am approx and then again went back to sleep and then I dreamt of a baby tiger in a cage standing very calmly and friendly with me.i was cuddling with him and suddenly i woke up. I don't know what does mean. Recently i have been dreaming about tigers a lot in different way.
PS. I m not a mother just a teen girl in senior of high school. N I have my examinations from next week.
Please reply me what does it mean

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Hi Smriti Patro,

The tiger usually indicates difficulties. The baby tiger is the symbol of small obstacles in life. As it's already in the cage and standing calmly and friendly with you in dream, it's a good dream. That indicates you could over come difficulties. You will recover soon from the illness and pass the examinations with good result at last.

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