tiger and rabbit's relationship


hey, i'm apparently a tiger born in 98, my boyfriend 99. we've been together for almost four years now, and it's had it's rocky points but despite that i've never doubted it. regardless of any negative predictions that i may get, i'll do what i have to to work past them seeing as this is something i refuse to give up on. my question is mainly on when the best time for marriage and children would be, down the line? it's something i know for sure i one day want, but right now i feel it's the best time for us to work on ourselves and the relationship.

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You are okay in terms of zodiac signs although you are not the best match. Your boyfriend under the rabbit sign is gentle, romantic and likes to live a quiet and peaceful life. You under the tiger sign is vigorous and has wide interests. You usually long for a passionate partner with striking personality, but he devotes himself totally to his work. When meeting difficulties, your differences will get even more obvious.

It's good for you to get married in year of the Dog 2018. For children, you'd better have a children born in the year of Pig 2019, year of Rat, 2020, year of Tiger 2022 or year of Rabbit 2023.

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