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My boyfriends birthday is Sheep, May 17, 1979. I am Tiger, March 11, 1974 born at 7:19. I don't know if it was AM or PM. My question is whether or not we can build a nice future together. We've been together since November 23, 2015. He's very calm and I worry a lot.

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Hi Cherie,

The sheep people in Chinese culture represents harmony and calmness. People born in the year of the Sheep are usually polite, mild mannered, shy, imaginative, determined and have good taste. His calmness just shows his nature.

As for your compatibility, you are not the perfect match but can be suited to each other. The male sheep is said to be gentle, romantic and respectful, with an artistic temperament. The female tiger usually is a typical strong woman, enthusiastic and unrestrained. The male sheep desires for a warm and peaceful family life. The female tiger looks forward to a quick pace of life. Therefore, if you could understand and respect each others' opinion, the life could be harmonious.
I am a male tiger born 2 June 1962 and have met a beautiful endearing woman born 28 April 1979.. what can you see in this joining?
Hi Jambo,

She is under the sheep sign.

In general, you are a couple with different personalities. But if you can be tolerant, understand and accept each other, you can step on the red carpet happily. You usually have a strong personality and are bold in exploration, while she is sentimental and dependent. You like to strive for exploring wider fields, so you are not able to take care of her wholeheartedly. In most cases, she is tolerant and generous, but she will feel depressed when finding you impatience and perfunctoriness.

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