Star on my fork in heartline


My heart line is forked at the end and there is a star on the beginning of fork and one of the line of star is joined by this inauspicious

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Yes, it's not auspicious.

It may shows your career, study or life will be tied or affected seriously by love. Your partner may enjoy a bad luck in some aspects because of getting married with you.
Will it be love marriage and my another Query one of the line of star forms double triangle which joins heart line and lifeline...will the trianglr not compensate the inauspicious event...
If the triangles are clear and regular ones, they could compensate the inauspicious event.

You can check your marriage line to know if you will have love marriage. If you have long marriage lines, you can generally get married through free love. Also, if the end of your marriage line bends down and almost intersects with the heart line, you will generally get married through free love.
Thankyou...there is line from moon mount which joins fateline..previously there are many lines cancelling this there is another line from moon mount which runs over this cancelling lines....what does it mean...what kind of marriage it shows...also combination of fateline and moon mount line forms triangle ...

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