Trying to understand the allocation ofBagua elements


Hi, I've started to add feng shui to my home, adding elements colors and items related to the bagua. But have a few questions that are confusing me

1) how do I add on cure elements for the 9 flying stars? Do I just add the relevant cures to the bagua?
How about cures to room with 2 or more then bagua area?

2)If a room has 2 to 3 different bagua, how do I go about it? For example, one bedroom has partial south ( left corner) , south west ( bottom half of the room) and West bagua( top half of the top) . Do I add each element colour from each bagua in the bagua area? I read somewhere that we need to find a common element, but I think I can't find a common element for fire, earth and metal element.

3)Is it true that every room need to have all 5 elements colour, but bigger portion for the related bagua,eg living room located in north west, a metal elements,ill add majority metal colors but will add some items from each 5 element, blue frame, small plant, red Deco, yellow cushion?

4)If an element is excess to a bagua, excess water ( blue wall paint) in fire bagua, should I use element to destruct or weaken the water or enhance the fire more?

5) can I bagua a room in the house, even though I've bagua the house? Eg south room decorate with fire element, but in the room bagua,Ill add a relevant element for each area?

Thank you so much, I hope you can help answer my questions so I can get a better understanding of feng shui.

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