I am a female Dog and I am in love with a Dragon (or think I am)


So everywhere I look, the text would say that Dogs and Dragons are the least compatible match.

But how come on these pages, there are text that seem to indicate otherwise?
For example, on the Dog page, under the heading "Find your compatible zodiac signs according to your month:", the table mentions Dragon for certain birth months. Likewise, on the Dragon page, there's a table that indicates that Dog is compatible with Dragons for certain Dragon months.

I guess I really want to know if there's a chance between me and the Dragon man. Right now, I am experiencing a lot of insecurities and I keep asking him questions like whether he is talking to other girls, etc. I ask him these questions even though he calls me "love", "dear", etc. He does not answer those questions, and that makes me very suspicious of him. I don't know what he thinks because he just ignores the questions. It really bothers me that he can't simply reassure me. The Dragon is supposed to be upfront and straightforward, so why can't he answer the questions? It leads me to think that there is in fact another girl he is seeing or holding out for. And I get more and more insecure.

The Dragon is born April 15, 1976 and I am born December 19, 1982.

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Hi Haru,

In most cases the Dog is not compatible with the Dragon. But it's not completely right for everyone. The astrology's prediction is just for your reference or just for fun.

But as you say he couldn't give you securities, I think the man is not reliable. There will be many problems for your future life if he doesn't open his heart to you. You'd better ask more advice from your friends or family members about this.
It varies because year is not enough. Everyone has a diff combination of their dates.
Example: You: Dec 19 1982 = Dog(Y) Rat(M)
Him: Apr 15 1976= Dragon(Y) Dragon (M)

While your years are opposite and can cause conflict. The Rat in your chart gets along well with the 2 dragons so that helps you get along with him a little easier. It becomes a mixed bag of good/bad. So this is what needs to be considered

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