pig women 1971 may 16 fall in love with monkey man 1957, april 13


This month Oct 7th 2016 I met the guy from other country, he like me n want me be her girl friend or his partner life.He is a Monkey man born in 1959, 13th April.
I want to know can we come along in this love relationship?

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Hi veranica salean,

I'm confused the man's birth year. 1957 or 1959? If he was born in 1957, april 13, his sign is Rooster. If was born in 1959, 13th April, then his zodiac sign is Pig. Why do you think he is a Monkey?

ooops sorry for mistaken put the year,because this is my first time knowing about chinese zodiac.
Here the correct one/ his was born in 13th April 1956. he told me that he was born in Monkey year

For people under the sign of Pig and Money, you could enjoy a happy love relationship and marriage but need common efforts to maintain your relationship especially after the marriage. You usually come together due to strong curiosity at first. Both of you would not like to restrain the other's freedom. The smart male monkey likes to take up fruits of others' work, and requires much from his love. The female pig is loyal, energetic and with strong principles. She may dread her partner's freewheeling behaviors.

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