Orient bedroom furniture, what objects/colors should I decorate for love/wealth?


Female born on Aug.12, 1977. My # is 1. My bedroom is small and it's located in the Northwest of the house. If I go with the bedroom's orientation itself not based on the house's orientation, my bedroom's door opens facing North (so, on Southeast side of the room when you're getting out of the room). I have a wide central window on the North wall, a centered taller/narrower window on the West wall, closet is facing the Southwest side. I want to boost my love life for long term and my wealth both financially and all other facet of my life. Where to orient my bed's headboard, my computer station (work) and my health products tall cabinet that's made of wood in natural finish tone with glass doors??

Thank you!

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You'd better decorate your bedroom with more colors of Purple and pink. Red is also good but it should not too much. Blue, grey and white colors should be avoided.
My bedroom walls are light grey, looks like light seafoam green hues almost and I can't change it !!

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