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Hello, please help me,my chinese zodiac sing is earth rabbit . I want to know about my health, wealth, career, lucky colors and number.my birth month is November and birth year is 1999 according to the western calendar.

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Hi Chaitrali,

Your lucky numbers include 3, 4, 9 and those number containing these three numbers such as 34, 43 etc.

Your lucky colors are red, pink, purple, black and blue.

You are usually ambitious and aim for the future. You may leave your birth place to seek for career development at an early age and return to hometown in glory in middle or later years. Although you have a great ability to earn money, you lack the ability of managing money well. So, you need to tailor spending to your income so as not to get into poor financial straits. In addition you should avoid lending money or borrowing money to and from others casually. Gambling will make you get into real trouble.

In career, you are ambitious and rather demanding. You usually change your work in life. You could pay close attention to the details and would like to do those trivial works but at the same time feel tired quickly. So, you need some new works time and again giving a feeling of freshness to you.

In health, you always look like unhealthy, but as a matter of fact, you own a good physical condition.

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